Specialty Drains

Water run-off management through the use of specialty drains helps your property shed excess water from structures and landscaping. Protect your valuable investment by shedding storm run-off and irrigation flooding. M&M Landscape Management are professionals at water management and specialty drains. Give us a call to find out how we can help with your water run-off management.

M&M Landscape Management

French Drains

Permanent damp spots in your yard or water in your basement after a heavy rain can be easily mitigated through the use of a french drain. A french drain allows the water to saturate into the soil naturally for continuous drainage.

M&M Landscape Management

Gutter Drains

Gutter drains divert the water away from structures to a specific spot for drainage, such as a ditch or pond. Gutter drains can help fill a pond or cistern and keep the structure from being saturated.

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