Bringing hardscapes into your overall landscape design is a great way to include and extend your home’s indoor area to the great outdoors. Hardscaping is the addition of stone, block, and pavers into a landscape. Hardscape features ideally compliment your landscaping such as trees, shrubs, and flowers that brings out their natural beauty. Hardscaping projects can be smaller features that compliment a specific area or can be grand in scale to give the area a livable theme. No matter the size, hardscapes adds beauty, style and value to your landscape. Let us help you design that look YOU want!

M&M Landscape Management

Border Hardscape

The use of border blocks around your plantings help accentuate the flowers and shrubs. This simple hardscape allows you to raise your plantings for easier lawn maintenance.


Lawn Irrigation

Adding irrigation to your hardscape ensures the health of plants for years of natural beauty. M&M Landscape Management can help you design the perfect irrigation system for your lawn and garden.


Accent Hardscapes

Accent hardscape provide that central focal point that compliments your plants and trees. Accent hardscapes can be as simple as a river rock around a mailbox to a water feature in your flower bed… or BOTH! What better way to show off those beautiful petunias than with a flowing water feature.

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M&M Landscape Management
M&M Landscape Management

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